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Are you eating Medicines more than FOOD?

According to Ayurveda, Food is considered powerful medicine and there is a sloka says that “Food is medicine when consumed properly.” The health and healing start with diet and digestion. It’s high time to understand that the only medicine we need is the right food. So, we aim to introduce the concept of Food as Medicine. Here, you will explore the role of food in health and we will apply nutrition science to guide you. Here you will:

  • Learn the medicinal power of food that gives it the potential to improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Recognise different types of foods according to your body needs and health conditions.
  • Experience how food can play a crucial role in treating/preventing disease.

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Our Vision

"Your one- stop solution to get a perfect diet plan that improves your overall health."

Satvik Aahar is a foundation of Guru Manish to heal everyone with the power of food. As per Guru Manish, "Food is the only medicine that we need to treat our health issues." Every food that you consume influences the way you feel; so when you choose more nutritious foods, healthier you will be. Food act as a medicine to heal and protect your body and give a boost to your immune system to deal with chemicals, toxins, and preservatives, that are included in today's processed foods.

Guru Manish Ji

"We Becomes What We Eat."

It is a common belief that diet plans are for people who want to lose or gain weight. But, the fact is we all need a proper and planned daily diet for a healthy balanced life. What you eat decides how you will live. Getting prone to disease is not in our control every time but curing it is. A balanced and healthy diet can help reverse many health conditions and diseases. A diet according to your body type and health conditions may help protect against many chronic diseases and promote better health. It is never too late – or too early – to make healthy changes in your life with a proper and customized diet.

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Our Diet Plans

Personalised Diet plan according to your preferences, lifestyle, and fitness goals. You'll likely find a plan which you can tailor to your needs. If not, let us know.
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"Opt a Good Diet, Stay Away from disease & enjoy a healthy life."

As per Hippocrates sayings, "Our Food Should Be Our Medicine, and Our Medicine Should Be Our Food", our food is our fuel and has healing power. We can truly heal ourselves, by either excluding some foods from our diet or by adding some nourishment to it. Unfortunately, people rely on medicines rather than nutrition. The power of nutrition is to heal and restore the body, but many of us focus on what should not be eaten. However, this focus narrows the role of nutrition and makes it controlled. It's time to take a look at the restorative power of food to nurture life in all its dimensions—body, mind, and soul. So, by taking proper nourishment, we can reverse our health issues and diseases. Let us make food our therapeutic medicine to heal our health concerns and live a healthy life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Read these FAQs about the Diet Plan to learn more about the program that we are offering.

CERTAINLY, there are many promising diet plans out there but how many of them get to know your body and health issues is doubtful. What makes us unique is our belief that every individual has a different body type and specific body needs. It is important to understand individual problems in depth before claiming anything and we expertise in that.

That answer depends on the individual and their current health status and quick weight loss is not safe as it can lead to a slower metabolism and store more fat. We weigh the facts about safe and sustainable weight loss. For more information you can talk to our nutrition experts and set your goals accordingly.

Nutrition has a huge impact on the progress that is made in the gym. Working out a lot and eating imbalanced food won’t take you anywhere. There are many gym trainers who encourage you to intake more protein supplements or strict diet plans. We make sure your workout benefits you with right personalised diet plans so you can enjoy tasty and healthy diet with your workout.

Yes, we offer a custom diet plan for children too. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat but Childrens however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages. We all want our child to eat healthy foods, but not everyone of us is aware which nutrients are necessary and in what amounts. So we have nutrition rich diet plans for all age groups of kids to support their overall growth and fulfill any nutrition or vitamin deficiency they have or can have, taking in consideration their taste and different variety of foods and snacks they rush for. In any case, if he/she is suffering from any disease, then we offer a diet plan accordingly after complete analysis of their current health status.

When we say “ DISEASE REVERSAL DIET PLAN “, we mean providing a diet plan that can reverse your current health problems ( Like diabetes, obesity, malnutrition, thyroid, PCOD, or any other disease) and turn you into healthy being without the use of medicines and surgery. We weigh the fact that “ food is medicine and if we eat right and proper, we can live a disease free life”. Our diet plans will be personalised according to individual past and current health status, and if followed with our experts support and guidance, will reverse your disease.

First of all we will need to connect with you and understand your disease history and routine, for that please fill the form and provide your basic details so that our health coach can connect with you. After that you will be provided with consultation and a customised diet plan accordingly. You can also call us at 91695-99695 to start your healthy journey.

Yes, we have.

A diet plan is based on your age, gender, health conditions, allergies, lifestyle and physical activities. Our health experts and dieticians will analyse all these factors and then they will customise a diet plan for you that will be highly effective in curing your health issues and eventually provide you a pill free life and healthy body.

Your body type can give us clues about your metabolism and hormones and indicates how much protein, fats and carbohydrates you need. You will be asked to provide your physical composition details to obtain your body type. After knowing your body type, then we decide the diet that will suit you. For more information please fill the form or call us.

Yes, we have custom diet plans for school going kids too. School going children usually like to eat tasty and delicious foods. Our customised diet plans take care that your child’s food should be highly nutritious, tasty, colourful and healthy. Our diet plans contain a variety of healthy foods that serve the basis of physical and mental growth of your child.

What we eat matters.... to our health
and to our planet's health

Take care of your body, it is the only place where we have to live.

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